Angelo Rapân



Songs of Leaving

“Songs of Leaving” reviewed by Darla Bower

Angelo Rapân began his musical journey at the early age of 4 being tutored by his Mother, a classical musician. At the age of 6 he was accepted into the prestigious George Enescu Music Academy in his native Romania. In Romania when Angelo was thirteen, his parents encouraged him to continue his studies in Spain when the political climate worsened in Romania. Up until this time he had studied near his family. He went on to earn a degree in Music Performance at Conservatoir Royal de Bruxelles in Belgium and continued in the classical music field in both Europe and the US. Mr. Rapân has a very versatile and interesting music background worthy of further inquiry.
His unique musical journey spans several countries. This journey is coupled with an impressive music repertoire that far extends his classical roots. Woven throughout this album I could hear the influence of several masters such as Rachmaninov coupled with the emotionality of Chopin. Out of life experiences and collaboration with the acclaimed production/engineering team of Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, Songs of Leaving was created.
According to Mr. Rapân, his inspiration for Songs of Leaving was nature, mountain folk tales when visiting his Grandparents in Transylvania, and life experiences. His music tells an enchanting piano story. What an amazing journey this classical pianist has embarked on in his life and this journey is beautifully portrayed in his debut album. The album begins with the soul encompassing piece As We Left. This haunting solo piano piece becomes a moving melodic ensemble that includes cello, bass and lyricon. Each instrument lending to the tapestry of this musical delight. The contrasting ending was surprising.
 As We Left ended up being one of my favorites on the album. It was very expressive and compelling. The Light In Kristin’s Eyes is also profoundly stirring and heart-wrenching. The haunting melody gives a strong sense of passion and leaves the listener in a hopeful reverie longing to hear more of his piano story.
Prayer is another favorite on the album. The intro really beckoned to me as the listener, reeling me in note by note. I could feel the melody breathing between each note. This song really spoke to me. I loved the pensive pauses woven delicately throughout this piece and the gentle ending into the upper register. Absolutely stunning! My next favorite is Whispering of the Forest. The gentle intro lulls the listener into thinking it will be another reflective piece and surprise here comes the uptake in tempo. The flugelhorn and percussion uplifts the song to a soaring height then spins into a triumphal progression. Loved the contrast of this song. Finally, the beautiful debut album ends with Just Before. The last piece boasts a beautiful breathtaking melody and ended up being my absolute favorite! It’s spectacular!
The whole album is incredible from start to finish and showcases a brilliant musician. According to Angelo, improvisation was a key element in the creation of the album. As an artist, Angelo reveals a tonal portrait which is accredited to the masters in piano and contemporary instrumental with poignant tone and pleasing structure. Well done and I look forward to more from this incredible artist. I very highly recommend this album and proclaim it as one of my favorites this year. You will not be disappointed in this masterpiece.