Barbara Graff


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Pianist and songwriter Barbara Graff studied piano at a young age. As a child, Barbara won awards for creative writing. Writing songs with words is the perfect marriage of her two loves, music and writing. Barbara holds a Master's degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Her artistic influences are diverse, from Ludovico Einaudi and George Winston to Little Big Town, Jason Mraz, and Alicia Keys.

In 2009 Barbara reignited her artistic spark and composed her first instrumental album, "Second Act." Later she started songwriting, beginning with the holiday hit "Christmas Magic," which won a radio station contest as one of the "best holiday songs of 2015." That same song was later featured in a musical production and Barbara accompanied the vocal soloist in the play. Barbara continues to write piano instrumentals and also writes country music with lyrics.

Barbara's pop-country song "Livin' in the Sun" was recently licensed to a television show. Another country song was recently licensed to an artist in Nashville. One of her latest country songs, "No Regrets," was selected by Songtradr, a major licensing platform, as one of their "Latest and Greatest Songs of 2019.”

Barbara's music, both with and without lyrics, is featured on several radio stations and streaming platforms. Her new instrumental piano album, “Beginnings,” features two songs with lyrics and the rest of the tracks are instrumental. The album is charting in the Top 20 albums on several prestigious piano and instrumental stations. “Beginnings” is also charting in the Zone Music Reporter Top 100.

Barbara is athletic and loves the outdoors. She enjoys bicycling, hiking, yoga, Zumba class and spectator sports including tennis, basketball and football.

Many artists have careers that peak at any early age, and then feel their best years are behind them. Barbara’s “Second Act” is a long way from reaching the zenith. Barbara knows life is full of surprises, and the best is yet to come.


Secret Beach, The Album
2020, New Age, Solo Piano, Instrumental, Indie, Pop

Secret Beach
2019, New Age, Solo Piano, Contemporary piano

2018, New Age, instrumental, inspirational, Solo piano

Into the Light
2017, New Age Piano, Solo Piano, Holiday, Cabaret music

2016, New Age piano, Solo Piano, Classical

Sweet Autumn Splendor
2013, New Age piano, Solo Piano, Spa, Yoga, Relaxation