Danny Wright



Heart 2 Heart

“Heart 2 Heart” reviewed by Enlightened Piano Radio

When Danny Wright contacted me last spring, I was thrilled. This world renown composer and pianist has a style that lacks nothing. And when you hear a recording by Danny, you immediately know it’s him. His sound has a signature that is so unique to him, there’s no mistaking it for someone else.
When Danny told me he wanted a review of his newest recording “Heart 2 Heart,” I was beyond excited. Of course I agreed, and upon receiving the recording, popped it into the CD player in my car immediately. What followed was nothing short of blissful.
It’s taken me a while to get to this review in part because of the sheer size of the recording. This two disk set contains 33 original tracks, most of them written for and dedicated to many various people who’ve been instrumental in Danny’s life. Each track averages 3-5 minutes, so there’s plenty to listen to. You won’t have to worry about getting the most for your money here!
The flow and the feel of the album is extremely warm. This is due in part to the Steinway that Danny played when recording the album. Steinway is known for their warm, dynamic tone, and that couldn’t be any more prevalent than it is on this album. But beyond that there’s a warmness and richness that resides within each of the tracks. A musical warmness that beckons you to come embrace it, be a part of it. This quality stirs many emotions throughout the work, at times moving mountains and at times moving one to tears. The tunes are not over simplified, but they’re not complicated either. Danny finds a nice balance in each song, adding beautiful inflections and ornaments in the most appropriate places to keep the music sounding fresh and inspiring.
Among my favorites on this album are “Judi’s Love,” “Ode to Joy Ann” and “Best Friends” from disk one; “All My Love,” “Doreen’s Theme” and “It’s Time For Me” from disk two. These are pieces that stir the passions and yearnings within every human being, bringing to mind all of the things that are truly important in this lifetime. Things that money isn’t able to buy.
Tracks such as “Marion’s Theme” and “Sandra’s Sonata” are more down-tempo and reflective, a mood less often found in these recordings. “Song For Staci” is a bit darker than many of the works here, but dark in any kind of a depressing way at all. It brings to mind a dramatic fantasy of sorts, something you might experience when reading or watching an intense love story. It’s a unique track, and again, one of my favorites. Danny’s style is consistent yet versatile.
I recommend this album, very strongly, to anyone who is a fan of the New Age/Contemporary piano genre. There really is something here for everyone to experience. Those who are open to uplifting their mental and emotional states are going to appreciate this album the most, because that’s just what this album does. In my collection of music at Enlightened Piano Radio, there is no single collection of music that does that better than this one. Enjoy.
Visit Danny Wright’s webpage at:  www.dannywright.com