Moonlight In Empty Rooms

“Moonlight In Empty Rooms” reviewed by Judson Hurd

The album “Moonlight In Empty Rooms” is the new album from acclaimed artist Heidi Breyer. Listening to this album I was transported by the beautiful sounds and I learned about the art of Alexander Volkov. Alexander is a talented self taught artist who composes majestic landscapes that ‘evoke powerful emotions that create harmony’ according to the biography at his website. Discovering this truly talented artists’ creation has been a real delight and I recommend listening to Heidi’s pieces and meditating on the art by Volkov. 
The first track that really stuck out to me is the opening track called “Unfinished Conversation”. It is a beautiful piece that begins with an introduction that contains strong chord elements with a strong, lingering melody. A gentle, solo violin joins the piano setting the mood of the piece and the instruments begin having a conversation with one another. The feeling of this composition sets the scene in my mind of two people having a conversation for the last time in a faraway place. Heidi’s voicings have hints of the stylings of Debussy and Impressionism that really complement this piece well.
The next piece that was wonderful was “Winter Rose”. The beautiful, musical textures made me imagine a single red rose in the middle of a field with snow flurries coming around. While checking out Volkov’s artwork I noticed that many pieces are based on winter themes and the paintings are truly lifelike and gorgeous.
The song “Faith” begins with solemn strings playing the Doxology (Praise God From All Blessings Flow). Heidi has an interesting take on this sacred classic while keeping the music tasteful and interesting. The piece is over eight minutes but held my attention throughout with the back and forth between the strings and piano.
“Moonlight In Empty Rooms” has 12 tracks and it is a high recommendation. I also recommend checking out the art of Alexander Volkov which I believe would be an excellent addition to anyone’s art collection. I look forward to hearing more beautiful music from this artist in the future!