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“Wonder” reviewed by Darla Bower

“Wonder“ is the sixth release of composer/pianist Michael Logozar. The cover artwork is designed by Michael and gives the listener the impression of another magical album by a talented artist. As a pianist, Michael’s ability to express emotiveness at the keys is exceptional and his ear for melody never disappoints any musical palette. The cover conveys the expression of magical wonder drifting into music dreamland and this charm is genuinely reflected in each solo piano piece. The album exudes sweetness and wonder at the piano that perhaps parallels the personal event of utter happiness found in both family and daily life.
Wonder opens with the title track of the same name. This piece leaves the listener with a spinning melody of awe and expectation of further musical bliss. Arriving is the next piece with a sweet poignant melody and gentle touch this artist expresses so eloquently with piano keys. This delightful melody begins in the upper register which captured my attention immediately. Love it. The First Drop of Rain is my next favorite on this album. The song at the beginning gives the impression of a gentle rain in nature building to a heavier rain in the middle then returning to more gentler beginning of a perfect storm. I could fully imagine the building of a rainstorm depicting natures ebb and flow in perfect melodic blend.
 Two Hearts was my next favorite. The piece melodically depicts the sweetness and innocence of discovered love binding two hearts together for eternity. Simply beautiful and one of my favorites on the album. Dreamland gives the impressions of a fuller melodic experience into the land of unexplored mysteries of dreams and hopes. Found this piece to be brighter in melody and presentation. The song leads the listener into a lyrical utopia, I absolutely love this one!!!
Dance of the Woodlands is my next favorite! This dreamy piece adds to the ambience of conveyed mystery and discovered enjoyment. The melody borders between whimsical and captivating, simply engaging. It became another favorite for me on the album. Love it! Unfolding a Mystery continues the listener on the mysterious and enchanting musical journey that is contained in Wonder by this skilled composer and musician. The Little Music Box is an angelic gem depicting the magic of childhood in musical theme. As a child, I collected music boxes so this piece reminds me of those treasured memories. The melody is both gentle and mesmerizing at this hands of a brilliant artist. The Little Music Box became my favorite on the album with its poignant reflection of musical reminiscence.
 Michael beautifully captured in musical theme the enchantment and mysteries that life offers in this stunning album! Wonder is wonderfully written and precisely presented in both form and musicianship. Michael Logozar is one of my favorite musicians and composers, deservedly so. Therefore, I highly recommend this album.