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Ronald Van Deurzen is a Dutch pianist, composer & music teacher. Ronald writes New Age music with contemplative moods interwoven with touches of classical, jazz and global fusion elements. With a cinematic sound that is intimate and compassionate, yet empowering, it has been compared to the music of Thomas Newman, George Winston and Keith Jarrett. Ronald started out as a folkband-pianist playing live across the Benelux. He has also played as a keyboardist on various albums featuring musicians such as guitarvirtuoso Hoyt Binder and harmonicist Tollak Ollestad (Andrea Bocelli).

Collectively, Ronald's piano playing has been heard on dozens of online and FM radio stations worldwide, including various shows One World Music Radio, Shades of Classics (CKUW 95.9FM), Audiosyncracy (KTEP 88.5FM), Peaceful Radio/Zandvoort FM, Radio Ridderkerk FM in the Netherlands and more. His orchestral arrangements were performed live in concert in Asia with guest-musicians of Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and vocalists of Thailand's The Voice. In 2020, Ronald was the winner of the OWMR Oneness Award for his piece 'Hopeful Bliss' representing hope for global harmony, peace and a oneness of heart. He also won a Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards in 2021.

Ronald has lectured for university and is writing a book on ear training. He's been a boardmember for several art associations and is an advocate of cross-cultural collaborations. Currently Ronald is producing music for his next upcoming New Age/World Fusion album.

“Imaginations” is an imminently satisfying musical journey. Very highly recommended!"
- Pam Asberry, Enlightened Piano Radio -

"...nothing short of a New Age masterpiece!"
- NewAgeMusicGuide -

"Every track is excellent... a delightful trip from one end of the musical spectrum to another.”
- -

"This is an excellent, enjoyable album in every way. Imagine that."
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"...filled with passion and a positive intent, and virtually guaranteed to be a huge success on its musical journey into our hearts."
- One World Music -


Hopeful Bliss (OWMR Oneness Award)
2020, New Age, World Fusion, Soundtrack

2012, Solo piano, New Age, Modern Classical

“Imaginations” reviewed by Pam Asberry

Ronald Van Deurzen is a pianist, composer & music teacher from The Netherlands. He grew up playing the piano and organ, played proficiently by ear by age 10, and composed his first piece of music when he was just 11 years old. These days, in addition to composing for film and documentary, he writes thoughtful and contemplative New Age music. Showing the influences of Nordic, Celtic and Asian world music in addition to classical and jazz, his music is atmospheric and memorable.  

His latest release, “Imaginations,” is a piano-driven instrumental album. Composed over a number of years, these songs sprang from the composer’s extensive travel throughout Sweden, experiencing the eclectic beauty of the many natural wonders found there. Each song is in effect a musical snapshot from nature and takes the listener on an awe-inspiring musical journey.

The opening track, “Little Falling Flake,” effectively evokes a gentle winter snow; “Early Years” is a reflection on the composer’s childhood. “Moon Flower,” a favorite, is a solo piano piece with a light jazzy feel, with an improvisational right-hand melody over an ostinato left-hand pattern. Like the flowers this piece is named for, this music suggests that creative blooming can spring out of darkness. In the dreamy “The Beaches of Heaven,” ocean sounds are added to the orchestration, and piano cascades ripple across the keyboard like waves crashing against the shoreline. Church bells, vocals and percussion are layered in next; the effect is that of a joyous celestial beach party. “First Lights” paints a picture of a spectacular sunrise; in “Midsommar Känsla” (“Midsummer Feeling”), another favorite, night sounds are added to the mix – crickets, tree frogs, an owl in the distance – and I was instantly transported to a starry night on my back porch in July. “Come Back Because I Love You” is plaintive and melodic; I could easily imagine lyrics added to this one.

“Winterdrops” (“Snowdrops”) are the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter and this lighthearted piece evokes the hope they represent. l first listened to “Autumn Park” on a glorious day in October; the sky was pure blue, the sun was shining bright, and this virtuosic number causes the heart soar just like a perfect autumn day. Over seven minutes long, “Momentum Figures” is the longest track on the album but not a single note is wasted. An effective blend of a variety of styles and instruments, it can be described as a musical tapestry comprised of myriad scenes, moods, and feelings. It is in turn gentle, boisterous, and joy-filled and bears repeated listening. The album concludes with “Stuck in a Dream,” a mysterious and haunting number that put me in mind of the music of Ravel. Although light orchestration is added later in the piece, the beautiful solo piano always occupies center stage, bringing the listener’s travels to a delightful close.

“Imaginations” is an eminently satisfying musical journey. Very highly recommended!