Walid Nahas



En Harmonie

“En Harmonie” reviewed by Enlightened Piano Radio

“Walid Hahas is the newest addition to “Enlightened Piano Radio.” His disk “En Harmonie” is a brilliant collection of songs that twist and turn, going from one passage to the next over a span of 14 tracks. Overall the album has a rather melancholic feel, with lots of slow minor and diminished chord progressions. The feel can change in a moments notice within a song, although I can’t say there’s anything I would describe as “joyful” here. It’s a very reflective work, reminiscent of some of the romantic era composers “adagio” sonata movements.
My favorite tracks include the title track “En Harmonie,” which stands out by itself stylistically. The track is a unique mix of classical piano and folk harmonica, working together to create a beautiful lullaby (“Inanime” does this as well, but is a little harder to listen to). I’m also a sucker for waltzes, so “La Valse Du Vent” caught my attention right away. A typical waltz in style, the piece plays with different progressions which create a mood that is very intimate and subdued, yet danceable. “Arabesque” is written in the style of a tango, and it’s screaming for some drum and bass. But then, I’m one to write for piano combo and/or background instrumentation, so my imagination went wild with this one! It’s really a great tune, with that mysterious Latin element that only a tango can offer. And finally, “Ballade En La Mineur” offers us a piece that once again combines the piano and harmonica. This composition sounds, to me, like someone who is plodding along, exhausted at their task, and determined to finish it. It’s an incredibly “strong” piece of music. “Theme Pour Alice,” “Voyage” and “Deliverance” also ranked high in listen-ability.
“En Harmonie” is an album that, in honesty, I’d listen to selectively. It’s not an album to “bring you up” when you’re feeling down, but it’s perfect for creating an intimate mood or taking you to a place to reflect. Walid’s playing is done very well, the sound quality is excellent, and overall I think he’s done a very nice job with this recording. If you’re looking something new to add to your collection, I’d recommend giving it a try. Well done Walid!”
Visit Walid’s website at:  www.walidsolopiano.com