Concerts And Events
“Enlightened Piano” concerts are inspiring, encouraging and uplifting.  What better way to have a night out with friends and family than to be a part of one of these events-listening, laughing, spending time with the artists and even meeting/chatting with them after the show!
Concerts can be performed solo piano or piano ensemble, one piano artist or up to four, and in a wide array of venues.  We can perform concerts in the home, church concerts, concert halls, retail piano stores, you name it!  And the best part:  Should you ever decide to host a concert in your area, the risk, on your part, is very minimal.  All we ask is that you try to sell a certain number of tickets to the show to cover our costs.  We’ll even send you the promotional materials:  It’s that easy!
For information on hosting an “Enlightened Piano” event, please send a request to the following email:
We look forward to seeing you very soon!